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Email Scam Notice

Email Scam Notice

Trinity Realty Group has been targeted in a phishing email scam. Several real estate professionals around the country have been sent fraudulent emails from individuals posing as Trinity Realty Group agents. Below is an example of what one of these fraudulent emails may look like.


Example of Fraudulent Email

— Start of Fraudulent Email Example —


My name is Fowler Hammond, a Realtor with TRINITY REALTY GROUP, Inc in Sherman, Texas. I have a client who is interested in buying a property in your area of expertise. Please let me know if you’re available to help them out and I will send their contact details and the listings they are interested in.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day!

Fowler Hammond


1313 N. Travis St.

Suite 102

Sherman, Texas 75090


— End of Fraudulent Email Example —


Is the email I received fraudulent?

If you have received an email that you suspect is fraudulent, (1) look at the email address from where the email was sent. Emails regarding official Trinity Realty Group business will always be sent from an agent with a email address. (2) Look at the name of the agent sending the message. Emails regarding official Trinity Realty Group business will always be sent from an agent that is listed on our About page. If the email in question does not meet the above requirements of (1) being from or (2) from an agent listed on our About page then the email is fraudulent.


Reporting Phishing Activity to the FTC

Trinity Realty Group has taken the appropriate steps of filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission  (FTC). If you have received a fraudulent email, please take the time to forward the email to Please make sure to copy

Below is a link from the FTC with information about phishing.


We thank you for your help!

Trinity Realty Group prides itself on operating with honesty and integrity. We appreciate your help in identifying and reporting fraudulent emails.